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Software Development: Linux (kernel) development, middleware and networking, Android, embedded systems
Artistic Light Design for events: draught, elaboration, planning, controller programming, live operator

Project description "Good Light for All"

"Good Light for All" aims to increase the quality of all concerts in and around Hannover by offering all concert events a very flexible and well-equipped lighting system, including a pre-programmed tablet computer as a light controller. In order to minimize disruptions to the concert venue, the construction and dismantling time is very low due to the design. Matthias Thömel can drive the show or a foreign lighting designer can operate the system. Everything is free.

An already installed lighting system with a separate light controller can be used in parallel with the lighting system offered here. It would be useful if a second lighting designer or technician were on-site or if the presets to be moved are already programmed and can be easily traveled.

Matthias Thömel
Matthias Thömel conducted around 350 light shows in Hannover, mainly in the nineties, but also in younger years. His heart beats for good light shows and bleeds when a talented band plays their concert under poorly controlled or equipped lighting systems. The genre of music does not matter. The offered lighting system with its meaningful programming can be used for every music style.

Thömel: "What is overlooked again and again: The brain uses significantly more neurons for the processing of visual impressions than for the perception of noise. I do not understand why the show industry, especially in the lower and middle segment, always pays attention first to the sound quality and often neglects the light. If nothing was going up on a Rammstein stage, the concert tickets would not sell in minutes. This principle applies in my opinion also for smaller and medium venues. The "Good Light for All" project should help to experience this connection. Of course, I also like to do the light design for concerts, so there's a bit of self-interest :-) "

In his main task, Matthias Thömel develops software for embedded systems and Android devices.

Matthias Thömel has been thinking for some time about how he can realize his goal of better light shows in Hannover. After an evaluation period, he decided to give everyone who wants to have a better live light concert a good lighting system a day. This can be a concert promoter, a location or a band. 

Thömel: "While the city of Hannover is still discussing the application as a cultural capital, I'm doing something active. I carry out this project in the sense of "Effective Altruism". Instead of donating funds to organizations in the hope that they will be used meaningfully, I would rather be able to control the use and impact of my donation and correct it as needed."

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