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Software Development: Linux (kernel) development, middleware and networking, Android, embedded systems
Artistic Light Design for events: draught, elaboration, planning, controller programming, live operator


I offer the following light design services at the moment:

D1 FOH operator light after plan Operation of a ready programmed light controller after a written or electronic plan.
D2 FOH operator live light after music Artistic control of the light system after music. The light controllers should be programmed by me to archive an optimum result.
D3 Programming light controllers For a completely constructed and cabled lightning system. Either after a plan or after own design ideas.
D4 Artistic and technical stage light design for a concert or a tour From this service there originate a technical light plan, artistic stage plan, channel plan for DMX, cable plan, material list, electrical supply plan and if desired a 3D illustration of the plannings. Tools: AutoCAD and additional libraries; Hog4PC and LightConverse; grandMA2onPC and MA 3D; Word; Excel
D5 Training Hog Training on the HOG mixing desk. If requested also with LightConverse.

I can mail you a price list and my order terms suitable to these services.

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